Portraits by: Jace McTier
Jace David McTier
From the age of eleven months, Jace McTier has held a paint brush in his hands, or has drawn under his mother's easel while
she painted in her studio; and even at the age of five was her truest critic. His keen eye makes him an excellent artist, and his
interests, aside from his portrait career, have carried him into the vast worlds of sporting and wildlife art.

Jace David McTier has perfected a fresh, realistic style with a flair for portraits of people and animals. Naturally, at the age of
sixteen, he began to take in commissions for oil portraits. Jace has painted many children and adults as well as wildlife and
sporting portraits. His rendering of the motion of the modern athlete  is impeccable and ground breaking.

Jace's art is collected through out the world and his commissioned oil prices can be found here -
Jace McTier's Commission fees.
"Boy and his Dog"
(Tony and Georgia)
by: Jace McTIer
Oil on Linen
36" x 24"
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George Washington Carver
"Tuskegee Legacy"
by: Jace McTier
Oil on Linen
28" x 38"
"Fear the Left"
Sergio Martinez
Middleweight Champion of the World
by: Jace McTier
Oil on Linen
24" x 36"
"Chase and Lilly"
(Boy and his Chihuahua)
by: Jace McTIer
Oil on Linen
36" x 24"
"Cameron's Fastball"
by: Jace McTier
Mixed Media
18" x 24"