The McTier family's dedication to the arts, coupled with their sporting interests, has given rise to their prominence in capturing sports history through spectacular art. Lucy and David McTier began their journey into the art world in 1979, with Lucy as portraitist and David as agent and ambassador. Lucy has painted over seven hundred commissioned portraits- from oil paintings of a mother and baby to President Reagan on his Arabian stallion, now in the collection of the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Lucy is sought after for her portrait abilities and social commentary paintings, while Jace, their son, is known for his powerful portrayal of the human figure captured in explosive color.

Lucy McTier Bio and Exhibitions


Original in the private collection of President Ronald Reagan (On display at his Library in Simi Valley CA)

Commissioned by St. Jude Hospital to paint golfing legend Lee Trevino.

Artist for the Bobby Jones Charity.

"Coming Home" (Harbor Town Golf Links) Private Collection of J. Flemming Norvell.

Arnold Palmer Private Collection. Official Artist of Eagle Ranch.

Lucy's larger-scale commissions include a 7’ x 12’ triptych on aluminum panel as well as murals highlighting community and service themes. Billboards have showcased McTier’s art in campaigns to help combat sex trafficking. Animals and horses, in particular, have connected the McTiers to the Oval Office and into the world of Olympic Gold medalists. Palace Malice, one of the leading thoroughbreds in the racing world, is among her commissioned portraits.


Aqua Vino Benefit and Wildlife Art The Georgia Aquarium Lucy and Jace McTier, 2006.

Art on the Square Three man wildlife art show: Jace and Lucy McTier with David Miller December 3rd – January 12, 2011 Tampa, Florida.

Fore!: Images in Golf February 4, 2012 - April 15, 2012 Morris Museum of Art “Fore!: Images in Golf” celebrated both the game and the special place that it holds in Augusta. The exhibition was organized by the Morris Museum with the assistance of Harmon-Meek Gallery in Naples, Florida. The exhibition included more than thirty-five works of art—photographs, paintings, and drawings by such well-known artists as LeRoy Neiman, Will Barnet, Timothy J. Clark, Ray Ellis, Lucy McTier, Jace McTier, Dan Rizzie, Linda Hartough, Frank Christian, and Philip Morsberger, among many others.

Westlake Country Club in Augusta, Georgia 2018-2019 Spectacular paintings of golf giants: Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Rory McIlroy, among others, are currently on exhibition by both Jace and Lucy.

Lucy and Jace McTier were the official Artist for the 2017 Necker Cup (Richard Branson).

Displayed Art during the 2018 U.S. Open at the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (NY) (Jace & Lucy).

2019 "The McTiers" 2019 Exhibition at the ModArt Gallery Miami, FL.

2019 Market Art & Design Fair The Bridge Hampton Museum.

Jace McTier Bio and Exhibitions

The son of renowned portrait artist, Lucy McTier, Jace has held a paint brush in his hand from the age of eleven months. After accompanying his mom to deliver a portrait of Ronald Reagan (atop Reagan’s beautiful stallion, El Alemain) to the Oval Office as a 5 year old, Jace decided then and there to enter the world of art. Combining his portrait skills and his desire to visually interpret motion as well as emotion, Jace has been able to capture not only the likeness of the subject, but the intensity of sport as well.

Jace McTier’s first sporting painting was commissioned following the 1996 Equestrian Olympic trials in Thomson, Georgia. His first lithograph of a hunt scene, complete with twenty hounds and four horses and riders, benefited Easter Seals. Soon he was commissioned to paint a large landscape for the John Deere Corporation with 5000 limited edition prints- and he was well on his way as an established artist. Beginning at the age of 16, Jace was “knocking out” large oil commissions.

Recently hailed as the next Leroy Neiman, McTier’s bold color and powerful use of impasto ranks him among today’s leading sporting artists. With work collected by such clients as Angelo Dundee and George Foreman to corporate commissions, his paintings benefit charities through the sale of his original work as well as print sales. A recent project includes a joint venture with the Press On Fund and Jack Nicklaus to aid in finding a cure for childhood cancer. Jace McTier's art has been exhibited multiple times publicly along with Leroy Neiman's original paintings.

In 2009, McTier teamed up with Angelo Dundee to recreate the history of boxing through the great trainer’s eyes. To Jace, this was a dream come true. Master works such as “Titans of 5th St.” as well as his interpretation of the “Phantom Punch” (or “Anchor Punch” that lifted Sonny Liston off the canvas and propelled Ali on his path to greatness) have been displayed all over the world and have brought McTier to meet and paint sporting legends such as Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and many of the boxing world’s greats. These very originals have been showcased in the historic “I am the Greatest” Muhamad Ali exhibit in London, England at the O2 Arena (March 4th – August 31st 2016). Excerpt from the O2’s press release:

"The exhibition also features four pieces of original artwork, created by world famous sports artist and friend of Ali’s trainer Angelo Dundee, Jace McTier. These are displayed in the Angelo Dundee room as he saw the essence of Ali in Jace’s artwork and felt that the pieces captured the graceful movements of Ali in the ring." “This kid is the next Neiman. LeRoy is a great friend of mine, I helped him get started in boxing early by inviting him to sketch Carmen Basillio in the 50’s- and Jace knows his stuff. His knowledge of technique and use of color are fantastic!" – Angelo Dundee

Jace’s work underscored the talents of Dundee so faithfully that Jace was asked to allow his work to serve as a tribute on stage for Angelo’s funeral in Tampa, Florida in early 2012. McTier is currently working with the George Foreman family in producing an art book that captures history through exciting stories written by Dennis Taylor. The book will feature boxing legends both past and present and is due out later this year.

Jace McTier’s most recent commissions include his unique vision of the legendary artist, George Harrison, playing his renowned Gibson Les Paul “Lucy” in his garden in Friar Park:

“Through all of my research, I came to realize that Mr. Harrison was most at home and alive planting trees and making music in his garden. As the sun rises through the garden, most everything is enveloped by the rays of light and color except for a large tree with its branches emanating from the background and Mr. Harrison himself. The colors of the sun and Friar Park around him make up the form of the subject. I wanted to paint him playing his Gibson Les Paul, known as “Lucy”, for several reasons. In rock music history there are few instruments with a more colorful legacy. Lucy is also my mother's name she taught me how to paint and express myself with color in a way that showcases the spirit of my subject as well as my own. She is also the reason why I am a fan and very familiar with the Beatles, George Harrison and Paul McCartney, as their LP's were always playing during my childhood.” – Jace McTier

In 2015, McTier was also commissioned to paint Janis Joplin’s final concert from never-before seen photos uncovered by Boston’s House of Roulx from the Peter Warwack archives. From the power and intensity of rock ‘n roll icons, to the grace of tennis and golf, down to his violently beautiful interpretation of the sweet science of boxing- Jace captures the athlete’s adrenaline rush as well as the musician’s soul on canvas. Jace resides with his wife, Rachel, their son, Eric, and daughter Jayde in their studio home near Augusta, Georgia.

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